Natalie performs and records as an independent artist, and receives rave reviews for her songwriting and vocal style. She uses her skills as a full-time working musician, as well as her Bachelor’s in Music and her ongoing continuing education with ASCAP’s “I Create Music” Expo and as a featured artist for the Sisters in Songwriting forum, to create a rich learning environment for her students.

Teaching Piano


Using one's voice as a musical instrument can be invigorating, uplifting and healthy for the mind and body as they get in touch with their vocal health. 

Voice lessons will be covering:

  •  Proper Posture 
  • Breath Management 
  • Pitch Matching/ Warm Tones/ Vowel Formation 
  • Harmonizing 
  • Songwriting 
  • Stage Presence (Concert Etiquette) 
  • Recitals/ Live Performance Experience 
  • Microphone Technique 
  • Sight Singing


Piano is a great musical foundation that encompasses every instrument involved in the musical family. 

Piano lessons will be covering:

  • Chords (Major/ Minor) 
  • Scales (All Modes) 
  • Music Theory (in depth chord analysis, dynamics, time signatures,  key signatures, etc…) 
  • Sight Reading (Notes and Staff) 
  • Transposition 
  • Improvisation 
  • Composition 
  • Learning out of the Bastien Piano Basics Books 
  • Recitals/Live Performance Experience


Natalie teaches beginner guitar in addition with ukulele. Aside from voice, the guitar is a mobile instrument which is very much loved and popular with most musicians.   

Guitar lessons will be covering:   

  • Maintenance (Tuning and Stringing of the Guitar)   
  • Electric vs. Acoustic   
  • Picking Your Guitar   
  • Learning Frets/ Different Chord Placements   
  • Strumming/ Picking   
  • Bar Chords   
  • Note Reading   
  • Improvisation (Within the Scales)   
  • Recitals/ Live Performance Experience